CHERRY MX Board 6.0 Review

👤by Tony Le Bourne Comments 📅16-06-15

Product on Review: CHERRY MX Board 6.0
Manufacturer & Sponsor: Cherry
Street Price: €189 EUR - £140 GBP - $219 USD

In the business of making keyboards since 1967, CHERRY are widely known for their high quality CHERRY MX mechanical switches which has surged into the mainstream market. Based in Auerbach Germany, precision and performance are taken very seriously and shows in their products.

Their latest flagship, the CHERRY MX Board 6.0 fuses many of their latest innovations including RealKey (RK), realtime analogue processing which registers each and every key stroke faster than any other keyboard before it while utilising the CHERRY MX (Mechanical gold 'X' point) switches throughout. The MX Board 6.0 is also CHERRY's own 'first' LED backlit keyboard where the backlit switches were made mostly due to demand from 3rd parties. So there is enough know how and quality to gain the attention of the seasoned user, though it is our duty to ask the question, is it good?

Overview by CHERRY
CHERRY, specialist in computer input devices, is presenting the MX Board 6.0, the world's most responsive performance keyboard for enthusiasts. The keyboard combines the latest RealKey-technology for analog signal processing with the proven and precise MX-switches for uncompromised performance. With this flagship model, CHERRY aims for an absolute puristic design of the highest quality.

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