CM Storm Spawn Review

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅05-01-11
Closer Look

As we have previously mentioned the Spawn is designed for a claw type grip. Contrasted to the customary grip that has the fingers closer together. This design makes the Spawn much shorter in height and significantly wider in comparison to most of the gaming mice on the market to date.

The CM Storm Spawn has a distinguishing appearance. It has little resemblance to anything else we have seen before, making it stand out from the crowd with its unique red anodized exterior. Personally I really like the typography that CM Storm have chosen to use on the Spawn mouse, it looks great.

Attractive, bold and unique exterior makes the Spawn stand out

Taking a look at the sides of the Spawn we can see that both sides feature an anti-slip grip that is rubberized to really engage with the hand. On the left side of the Spawn we have the customary forwards and backwards navigation buttons.

The right side with anti-slip rubber

The Spawn is low profile

As you can probably tell, the Spawn is exclusively designed for right-handed gamers. Looking at the mouse 'down the barrel' so to speak, we can really see how wide the mouse expands to. It's right side extends out to allow the 'ring-finger' to rest. A little later we will see how this variation in design affects usage.

The front of the Spawn - bring on the claw

On the top side of the CM Storm Spawn we have the left and right mouse click buttons which have a smooth high-gloss border. These small details may to some seem insignificant but they add up and show that CM Storm, whilst bringing the bigger features with the Spawn are also carefully observing the smaller details too. We have a scroll wheel the centre (which has a nice rubber feel to it and moves well) plus 2 additional buttons for DPI adjustment. 3 different options can be selected with the choice of 800, 1800 and 3500. Our buttons on the Spawn are protected with Omron Micro Switches which allow for a minimum guarantee of 5 million clicks meaning the Spawn will endure plenty of usage. The avid gamer need not worry about the Spawn's life-span.

DPI on the fly

Finally on the underside of the Spawn there are 2 large Teflon traction pads, serial, model numbers and of course the optical sensor which features anti-drift control which ensures extreme stability. Essentially the optical engine provides lossless performance during lifts and drops.

The underside of the Spawn

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