Compro TN50W Review

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅02-04-13

Product on Review: TN50W
Manufacturer and Sponsor: Compro
Street Price: Unknown (At time of review)

Compro have been around since 1988, bringing to market a variety of PC-TV, digital audio/video and security related products.

Back in February Compro announced their new TN50W – a home network IP camera with cloud functionality. In our first outing with Compro today, we will be taking a look at the all-new TN50W to see if it’s a worthy candidate for the home network. TN50W can be used for home security, looking after the elderly, pet/baby monitoring and other things too. Thanks to its PIR sensor, motion detection is a feature which comes as standard and there is a handy micro SDHC slot for recording pictures/videos. So let's waste no further time and begin looking at the new TN50W.

Compro on their TN50W
The TN50 cloud network camera integrated the C4Home cloud service, you can login to the web interface to watch and control your cameras. Or you can free download and install the C4Home app to your iPhone/iPad and Android phone/tablet. With C4Home app, you can watch the live video of your network camera on hand, snapshot and smartphone 2-way audio communication in anytime. For the web interface and Android phone/tablet, C4Home also provide 4 cameras live monitoring at the same.

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