Cooler Master MasterBox Q300L Review

👤by Vortez Reviews Comments 📅08-03-18

Taking a look at the front of Q300L we have a distinct design which not only looks attractive but also has the option to be reversed – the pattern seen above is printed on a magnetic dust filter which simply pulls away from the chassis. One thing we’d have liked to see differently in this department is the inclusion of a raised edge or lip to help prevent this sheet from moving around because it takes very little force for to move it out of place. Underneath this filter we can install 2x 120/140mm fans.

Around the back of the chassis there is an opening at the bottom for installing a PSU, four PCI covers, a pre-installed 120mm rear exhaust fan and an opening for the motherboard rear IO. The PCI covers are unfortunately disposable – meaning that once removed, you cannot reuse them again. So, it’s advisable to carefully plan which covers need removing prior to a system install, as otherwise you may end up with a gaping hole which cannot be covered up!

As mentioned on the previous page, the front panel controls are situated towards the front edge of Q300L and include: activity LED, 2x USB 3.0 ports, power button, headphone/microphone jacks and a reset button.

Due to the way in which Cooler Master has designed this case, this front panel module can actually be placed in a range of different positions to suit different orientations.

Up at the top of Q300L there is yet another magnetic filter with the same patterned design. Up at the top there is allocation for installing 2x 120mm fans. Again, just like the front panel – we’d have liked to see a lip to help keep the filter sheet in place as this can move out of place too easily.

Flipping the case over onto the underside, we can see that Cooler Master has included four rubber feet to keep the case from slipping around on smooth surfaces and there is a large dust filter which will marry up to the PSU. As you can tell from the design here, to remove and clean you would need to flip the case onto its side – it cannot be easily removed while this side faces the floor.

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