Cooler Master MasterKeys Pro L RGB Review

👤by Tony Le Bourne Comments 📅13-02-17
Closer Look

The MasterKeys Pro L RGB is a driverless design and so doesn't require software to access its features, because of this, it makes heavy use of of Fn keys. The first four F keys double up as lighting controls one for each colour channel, followed by a lighting mode select. F5-F8 double up as adjustments for repeat rate.

F9 is the Windows lock key, while F10 is the LED record button for per-key customisation. F11 = Record Macro, F12 = Delete Macro, Print Scr = One time playback, Scr LK = toggle, while the Pause button = Loop. The block of six keys underneath the macro controls double up as Media keys that includes play/pause, stop, skip forward/back and volume up/down.

The numpad is relatively standard, though above them are the dedicated profile selection keys, instantly swapping between 4 saved profiles.

Despite having a small frame the MasterKeys is rather tall, which may make it rather uncomfortable to use without a wrist rest.

Underneath there are cable routing channels that can be used for either your mouse, headset or the keyboard itself.

The detachable cable connects to the keyboard via a microUSB port.

The MasterKeys are available in Cherry MX Red or Brown and they use Cherry Stabilisers. The switch housing is transparent, allowing better light transmission from those large LEDs.

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