Cooler Master Notebook Cooling Pad Group Test

👤by Simon Green Comments 📅24-05-10
Choiix Air-Through Thin

Manufacturer and Sponsor: Cooler Master
Product on review: Choiix Air-Through Thin
Street Price: £25.47


Choiix Air-Through Thin cooling pad – Box Front

As you can see from the box's front the design of the Air-Through Thin is very clean and simple and... thin! An aluminium plate and open frame give plenty of room for airflow from a pair of 60mm 1500rpm fans which are housed in the rear of the unit, blowing air from the back towards the front.

Choiix Air-Through Thin cooling pad – Box Rear

The rear of the box gives some added details about features and performance, as well as a table showing the four models available – the unit comes in black or white and is also available with or without a built in 4-port USB hub. The unit we have been sent to test is the white, 4-port hub version, but in terms of cooling performance there is no difference between any of the models.

Features and Specifications

• Optimally designed for the slim and light notebook
• Two embedded fans provide airflow for efficient and effective cooling
• Aluminium panel and frame design for superior ventilation and cooling performance
• 4 port USB Hub for expanding connectivity
• Ergonomically designed for maximum comfort
• Compatible for Macbook Air and up to 17” notebooks

Specifications of the 4 models

Download the product pdf sheet here

A Closer Look

Air-Through Thin front – note the included colour-coded USB lead to power it with

The clean lines of the Air-Through Thin are testament to Choiix's chic design choices and philosophy. The front edge of the unit is only 0.65cm thick and is a solid layer of grey rubber to aid in keeping any sized notebook securely in place.

Air-Through Thin underneath – the angled fan vents are visible

From underneath you can see that the clean design continues, with just a couple of vents for the airflow from the two 60mm fans housed in the rear of the unit – which is also completely covered in the same grey rubber as the front to give superb grip on any surface. The two bulges to the left and right house the USB Hub – a nice feature as of course you will need to use one of your notebook's USB ports to provide power to the unit. When in use the unit has 3 x USB ports at it's rear left hand side and another one USB at the rear right hand side, where you will also find the mini USB socket for the power cable and an ON/OFF switch. There is also a jack socket for connecting an external power supply which is not included as is commonly the case with any such devices these days.

In use I found the rubberised parts of the Air-Through Thin did indeed keep both my notebooks very securely anchored, and despite the ultra-thin profile of the unit it felt very sturdy and was at just the right angle for typing. The fans were barely audible at all which is a really good reflection on the quality of the parts used as typically some cheaper 60mm fans when run at 1500rpm can be pretty loud, even in an office environment which is clearly where this is aimed at being used. The weight of the unit isn't a problem at all for portability, more that it is quite large given that it is rated to handle up to a 17” notebook, so you probably wouldn't want to be carrying it around everywhere with you!

• Built-in 4-port USB hub
• Great Anti-slip features
• High quality construction
• Stylish looks

• Price a bit high

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