CM Storm Sirus 5.1 Headset Review

👤by Richard Weatherstone Comments 📅28-11-11

Product on Review: CM Storm Sirus
Manufacturer and Sponsor: CM Storm (Cooler Master)
Street Price: Approx. 107inc. VAT

We often rage about Cooler Master products here at Vortez due to the supreme quality and attention to detail. While Cooler Master are perhaps most widely regarded as manufacturing PC CPU coolers and obviously they are also known to produce some damn good PC cases. 'Stick to what you know' is advice that could be thrown at many PC component manufacturers who attempt to branch out into areas perhaps alien to them. Too many times we see the constant re-branding stifling originality so when Cooler Master told us about their new Sirus headset we were both intrigued as this is a completely new direction for them but it is also one which could quite easily end in failure if they don't get it right. We have been impressed thus far with CM Storm, the gaming peripheral arm of Cooler Master, so we enter this review with a clear mind yet hopeful that the Sirus is all it's cracked up to be.

Being a 5.1 headset it is quite obviously aimed at gamers. Some headsets of this nature have worked yet sacrificed sound quality while others have been very quirky, crippled either by software or imitation surround effects. So, Cooler Master have taken a very bold move in making a 5.1 headset their first product into the audio market. Re-creating 5.1 sound in a headset is never going to be easy. It is a fine art of striking a good balance between audio finesse and emulation of a true 5.1 environment - no easy task when you consider the small space available in each ear cup.

I've always favoured a good quality stereo headset over 5.1 varieties as they do pretty much everything well. Deep bass, clear acoustics, excellent vocals are so much easier for a stereo headset that doesn't have to worry about 5.1 sound thanks to the simpler design and more space to fit quality drivers. For this reason I will be comparing the CM Storm Sirus against my own Sennheiser HD595's, an all round performer very popular with audiophiles and gamers alike. The CM Storm Sirus certainly has its work cut out if it is to come anywhere near the quality the Senn's produce even in gaming but Cooler Master seem confident in their product so who are we to argue?

Cooler Master Storm Sirus
Built for gaming enthusiasts and audiophiles alike, the CM Storm Sirus 5.1 Surround Sound Headset creates an immersive gaming experience with hi-fidelity sounds capes and intensified bass.

Sirus produces precise and immaculate sound through its 8 discrete speaker channel pairs of front, rear, center, and sub; delivering accurate real-time 360 degree audio that is fully adjustable through its tactical mixing console. In addition, Sirus is coupled with a uni-directional microphone with background noise cancellation that enables crystal clear conversations with teammates and enemy combatants.

Let's get this show on the road and take a look at the specification and features of the CM Storm Sirus...

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