CM Storm Sirus 5.1 Headset Review

👤by Richard Weatherstone Comments 📅28-11-11
CM Storm Sirus 5.1 Headset

Profile Rear

This is how the headset will look from behind with the mic not in use. The plastic used is fairly rigid but there is some give in it thankfully. The main unit is coloured gunmetal grey, similar to the colour used by Sennheiser and has contrasting black cushioning coupled with black rubberised plastic inserts. Overall the unit certainly gives off an air of professionalism and thanks to the materials used is simply divine throughout. My one very minor complaint would be that the plastic trimming used is could perhaps be a little better as there is a fine line left where the injection moulding process has been completed.

Profile Front

Here we see the front profile of the Sirus with the microphone in the lowered position. The cabling from the headset is sleeved in quality black dense weave braiding which is both thick yet flexible. The cable is protected both by the braiding and a rubber plug at both the headset and connector ends of the cable furthering the durability of the product. You will also see that the headband has a cushion made from the same material as the ear cups (stock) ensuring the ultimate in comfort - something you will thank CM Storm for during long gaming sessions.

Microphone Adjustment

While the microphone cannot be removed it can be swung out of the way vertical to the left hand headphone. The mic is very pliable though and can be bent to a variety of positions, forward, back, up and down to ensure unwanted breathing is not heard by your teammates - a pet hate of mine!


The headband is relatively rigid in movement but once extended to one of nine positions, exposes the metal plate it becomes more compliant. In position it is very comfortable, perhaps more so than the Sennheiser HD595 we are comparing it against today. Given more time I'm sure the headset will loosen up further as initially it did seem to grip your head a little too firmly. Whether you like this or not will be to your own tastes. Personally I prefer not to believe I'm not wearing a headset at all but the due to the weight of the Sirus this is unlikely to ever be the case. That said, the Sirus is an extremely comfortable piece of kit so I have little complaint in this area.

Microfiber ear-cups

In stock form, the Sirus arrives with the microfiber cushioned ear pads in place. This is large enough to accommodate the full ear unless your head resembles the F.A cup. Again, I must stress the quality of materials used as the cushioning is very comfortable, cushioned yet firm, plush yet durable. As previously stated, there are leatherette versions also included but for the sake of a couple of decibels I doubt anyone will opt for those over the microfiber ones.

Let's delve a little deeper and power up the headset...

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