Coolink Corator DS CPU Cooler Review

👤by Sahil Mannick Comments 📅01-03-10

When I first received the Coolink Corator DS, my initial thought was that it was merely a cheaper Noctua NH-D14, and that\'s not necessarily a bad thing. But the Corator DS cannot be considered an imitation because the dual radiator design is one that many companies are beginning to implement. Coolink goes a long way at trying to differentiate their offering to other coolers. Its unique Gapless Direct Touch Technology perfects a design that was originally flawed and the asymmetrical fin stacks is an innovative method of improving airflow and subsequently heat dissipation. On top of those features, they supply a brilliant fan, something that even leading manufacturers fail to do, thereby deceiving customers with lower pricing.

Performance wise, Coolink delivered what they promised. From the charts, it provided unparalleled idle temperature deltas and under load it was better than its main competitor, the Alpenföhn Nordwand. A single fan extracting heat from two radiators appeared to be holding back the heatsink\'s potential so I attached a second one and performance rocketed. Well... 3.75 degrees may not seem like much but for overclocking, every degree counts. It also placed the cooler above everything else bar the mighty Noctua NH-D14. However, considering the price difference, I was more than pleased with the results, as should anyone considering the Corator DS. There\'s no better way to break into the European market than doing so in style with the Corator DS.


[+]Class leading performance and efficiency
[+]Excellent compatibility with modern motherboards including LGA1156
[+]Very well priced
[+]Supplied with a SWiF2-120P fan
[+]Very easy to install
[+]Attractive finish
[+]Excellent packaging

[-]Size may be an issue
[-]Only two wire clips provided for fans

There\'s no doubt that the Coolink Corator DS thoroughly deserves the Vortez Hardware Gold Award.

I would like to thank Coolink for sending us this sample and wish them the best with the Corator DS.
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