Coolink Corator DS CPU Cooler Review

👤by Sahil Mannick Comments 📅01-03-10
Features and Specifications
Feature and Specifications

Coolink's own overview of the cooler:

Featuring Coolink's exclusive Gapless Direct Touch (GDT) technology that allows for an all copper contact area, the Corator DS brings the concept of direct contact cooling to the next level by further improving heat transfer.

Thanks to four large 8mm heatpipes, a dual fin stack design and a PWM controlled SWiF2 120mm fan, the Corator DS achieves an optimal balance between outstanding cooling performance and quiet operation.

The Corator DS' high-end package is topped off with the SecuFirm™2 multi-socket mounting system and a tube of Coolink's award-winning Chillaramic thermal compound.


Four 8mm heatpipes :
Four large, high capacity 8mm heat pipes that make direct contact with the processor's integrated heat spreader ensure excellent heat dissipation and optimum heat distribution over the two asymmetrical fin stacks of the Corator DS.

Asymmetrical dual fin stacks :
Featuring wider fin spacing on the first of its two fin stacks, the Corator's dual stack design was fine-tuned for maximum airflow efficiency and quiet operation in combination with the supplied SWiF2-120P fan. Altogether, the Corator's 70 finds provide a surface area of more than 7500cm2 for optimal heat dissipation.

Gapless Direct Touch technology :
Introducing Coolink's exclusive GDT-technology, the Corator DS's gapless all copper contact area ensures superior heat transfer and even spreading of the thermal compound for excellent cooling performance with high-end processors or in overclocked environments.

]SWiF2-120P high-performance 120mm fan:
The included SWiF2-120P fan features a high-performance hydro-dynamic bearing for outstanding durability and superb running smoothness as well as an innovative 11-blade impeller design that provides excellent airflow, especially at low fan speed.

PWM fan speed control :
Thanks to the support of PWM, the SWiF2-120P fan can be controlled by your motherboard automatically according to the current CPU load and thus remains whisper quiet at typical usage, unleashing its full power only when needed.

SecuFirm™2 multi-socket mounting system :
Guaranteeing superior reliability and contact pressure, the new SecuFirm 2 mounting system for AMD (AM2(+)&AM3) and Intel (LGA775, 1156, 1366) platforms is even more convenient to install than its predecessor.

Chillaramic thermal compound:
Coolink's award winning Chillaramic thermal compound is a high-performance solution that combines low thermal resistance, great long-term stability and highly convenient application. With an amount of 2g, the included tube is sufficient for several applications.



The Corator DS sports some very unique features and excellent specifications. It improves on many previous designs and technologies as we shall see later on, such as the gapless direct touch technology and the dual fin stacks. Combined with a high performance fan and brilliant thermal compound (possible review to follow), Coolink provides an amazing product. At 1040g, it's slightly lighter than the Noctua NH-D14 with just the middle fan attached. This is probably due to the less dense asymmetrical fin array but thankfully the weight is secured on the motherboard with the brilliant SecuFirm 2 mounting bracket that does a stellar job with the heavier NH-D14. On initial looks, the surface area across the fins is 80cm2 less than our old favourite, the Thermolab Baram so it will be interesting to see how they both compare.

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