CoolIT ECO A.L.C CPU Cooler review

👤by Sahil Mannick Comments 📅08-04-10
Packaging and Content

The CoolIT ECO A.L.C packaging

The packaging takes the minimalistic approach unlike the Domino, with its white box and limited use of colour. This does give it a more professional attire and yet all the relevant information can still be found throughout with visual illustrations of the cooler. The size is standard and comparable to most other packaging traditional CPU coolers come in. The box ensures maximum protection during transit.

Front of the box

On the front, the model is printed in bold, with the CoolIT logo in the corner. A few key features are listed such as socket compatibility and the fact that the cooler offers "extreme cooling" while still remaining simple to install. These immediately grab the attention of possible buyers/users. CoolIT have done a good job keeping the front tidy and concise.

Features and specifications

Onto the back of the box, CoolIT lists all the specifications and features with a small illustration of how easy it is to install the cooler. CoolIT also state how their solution doesn't exert as much force on the motherboard as other CPU coolers, a trend many people have been concerned with when buyer ever bigger heatsinks.

Handy illustrations and features

The side of the box further illustrates the different features of the ECO, promoting its ability for superior cooling through technology and innovation. For a cooler of this size and price, the ECO packs a lot of different components in an easy to use package.

Handy illustrations and features continued...

On the next face of the box, there are more illustrations accompanied by description of the features and how they are implemented in the cooler. According to CoolIT's words, the cooler is meant to offer excellent cooling power while remaining quiet, a claim that should surely be the Holy Grail for any potential users. We'll see if these claims are true later on.

Opening the box

Finally on opening the box, we are greeted with two polystyrene foam covers that house the cooler securely during transit. At the top are two cut outs for the motherboard back plates and the AMD CPU block retention bracket. The lack of tools and screws in the bundle show how CoolIT have integrated the mounting system on the ECO to be as user friendly as possible and this is reflected in the installation process.

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