CoolIT ECO A.L.C CPU Cooler review

👤by Sahil Mannick Comments 📅08-04-10

Installation is a straightforward process. Contrary to what other sites or early users may have reported, the ECO has no issues and simply requires that the CPU block is tightened fully to the backplate. With an integrated universal retention bracket and the appropriate motherboard backplate, users do not have to resort to mounting the cooler using a plethora of screws and tools.

1.) Place the appropriate backplate behind the motherboard making sure each corner has gone through the motherboard mounting holes.

2.) Ensure that the correct Intel/AMD retention bracket is installed to the CPU block/Fluid Heat Exchanger and that the clips on each corner are set to the right socket.

3.) Install the CPU block on top of the motherboard, making sure each corner screw is lined up with the mounting holes and the backplate.

4.) Tighten the clips by twisting or use a screwdriver to do so. It is important that the clips are screwed on fully until it is no longer possible to twist further. This is to make sure that the FHE is in full contact with the CPU underneath.

5.) Install the radiator and fan in the place of the case's exhaust fan, ensuring that the CoolIT fan is at the back pulling air through the radiator.

6.) Plug the pump and fan cables to the motherboard making sure that the 12v pump cable isn't connected to a regulated fan header.

It is possible to remove the fan and add your own but the screws are very small and hard to access without a thin screwdriver or a penknife. Furthermore, a secondary fan can be mounted on the other side of the radiator for faster heat dissipation. On the whole, installation was very intuitive and the only problem is the flexibility of the tubing when trying to mount the radiator and fan at the back of the case.

Here's a video from CoolIT showing the mounting procedure:

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