Coollaboratory Liquid Metal Pro Thermal Compound Review

👤by Sahil Mannick Comments 📅30-09-09
Product on Review: Coollaboratory Liquid Metal Pro
Manufacturer and Sponsor: Coollaboratory
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Street Price: 7.49

It is no mystery that metals have some excellent thermal properties, being able to conduct heat away very efficiently. You don't have to look far to see evidence of this, with copper and aluminium leading the way in most thermal dissipation solutions, namely heatsinks. However, heatsinks alone have never been effective without an interface between itself and the component to maximise heat transfer. Thermal compounds have filled this role for a very long time, with the function of filling any gaps in the interface and for the most part, they have been ceramic or solid metal based. Metal based thermal compounds have been high popular in the past for their high thermal conductivity but conversely, those metal based compounds have one big inherent disadvantage, electrical conductivity. In a bid to make thermal compounds less electrically conductive, it's possible to say that manufacturers have been unable to create the perfect product. This is where Coollaboratory comes in.

Coollaboratory have taken a step away from the convention and have created a liquid metal solution, seemingly discounting electrical conductivity from the equation! Consisting solely of a liquid metal alloy, and no non-metallic adhesive such as silicone and oxides, they promise to deliver the best thermal conductivity possible. Of course, this may present itself as a risk due to its electrical conductivity but the belief is that through careful application, this will pose no issue.

A few words on Coollaboratory as taken from their site:
Coollaboratory is a young and innovative company settled in Saxony-Anhalt (Germany). The solution of thermo-dynamic problems takes centre-stage in corporate philosophy, as well as the development of corresponding products, which confine or remedy the problems. In place Coollaboratory concentrates on the range of alloys off liquid metal and the development of new or revised cooling concepts.
In 2. quarter 2005 Coollaboratory released, as first product, the worldwide first liquid metal heat conduction paste under the name "Coollaboratory Liquid Pro". That beat, the until then known reference pastes on based on metal-oxide and other non-metallic materials clearly, and pointed the way in which Coollaboratory struck in for the future. The development department of the company Coollaboratory researches on different ranks and has aimed at dissolving the partly serious problems in the thermo-dynamic with new and innovative products.

Coollaboratory has a niche product targeting a big market. It is this kind of risk that pave way to innovation and success so let's see if the Liquid Metal Pro being reviewed here can de-throne our current title holder, the Arctic MX-3.

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