Corsair AX1200i Review

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅07-08-12
Corsair Link

Bundled with Corsair’s AX1200i is a COMM cable that plugs directly into the motherboard and provides interface between the PSU and system, the software bridging both devices together is Corsair Link.

In this software suite there are many options and functions to monitor. A depiction of a computer case is seen in the background (this can be changed to a different picture of your choice) and users can pinpoint where the HDDs are within the system and indeed fans can be selected too, the idea with Corsair Link is to provide the latest statistics for temperatures, fan RPM and power usage.

The power tab is the area that most will be keen to see as this details efficiency, power in and power out and other information concerning voltages on specific rails. Though this software is only fairly new I am quite sure it will pave the way for digital PSUs.

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