Corsair Dominator Platinum RGB Review

👤by Matthew Hodgson Comments 📅21-02-19
Packaging & Product
In traditional style of Corsair’s high-end RAM, they package it in the octagonal fashion, using high density foam and individual packets to prevent anything from getting scratched or damage in transit. The front of the box doesn’t really give much away regarding the tight CAS timings which we feel are the main selling point of this particular kit.

The reverse is no different, unless you’re savvy with their product serial numbers and can decipher the 3200C14 part of it as to what that means. The packet certainly looks fancy though.

Taking a look at the modules, Corsair claim they’ve used the relevant manufacturing techniques to achieve the perfect finish. The side plates are made from forged aluminium with anodization, the top bar is a die-cast zinc alloy with microarc oxidation and the fins are constructed from stamped aluminium. All of that results in a rather fancy looking DRAM stick with a dark black appeal.

The reverse side is practically identical apart from the serial sticker, showing the speed, CAS timings, voltage and version number.

The top bar is punched out in 10 places at regular intervals with the lightbar residing below. The Dominator title in the centre also lights up thanks to the RGB LEDs.

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