Corsair Force F40 SSD Review

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅25-08-10

This review has revealed that without a doubt the SSD completely destroys the standard SATA-II HDD. The blistering performance to be had from an SSD is more than significant.

The Corsair Force series should convince you that moving to SSD can benefit you enormously. The SANDRA, ATTO and Iometer benchmarks in particular reveal some incredible read/write statistics. In many of the benchmarks the SSD performs at over double the transfer rate to that of the standard Samsung SATA-II HDD.

The F40 utilises the SandForce SF-1200 controller, this controller is revered by many within the industry because of its multi-faceted qualities.

Taken from
\"SSDs are capable of significantly outperforming traditional HDDs, but typical controllers haven’t delivered the compelling value necessary for mainstream adoption. SandForce DuraClass technology enables the SSD to maximize both the endurance and performance for the life of the drive fulfilling the promise of high speed Flash memory in client computing applications and improving system performance by up to 50% as measured by the SYSmark™ Benchmark.\"

So ultimately, with the F40 you are investing in a extremely fast and reliable drive. The F40 being 40GB comes in at a lower price than the larger capacity drives out there. So for around £100 you are able to have a blazingly fast OS drive that comes with a decent 2 years warranty.

+ Exceptional performance against traditional SATA-II HDD
+ Perfect size for an OS drive
+ Small, light, durable

- Newer technology costs a premium

With all aspects considered the F40 can settle for nothing less than excellent and therefore attains the Vortez Gold award.

We would like to thank Corsair for providing the F40. You can discuss this review on our forums

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