Corsair Force Series MP300 Review

👤by Matthew Hodgson Comments 📅29-08-18
Packaging, Bundle & Closer Look
Corsair’s black and yellow packaging is synonymous with their brand; the Force Series MP300 doesn’t falter from this trend. The front of the packaging gives ample information, which is quite unusual for an SSD.

The back of the box isn’t really much use, giving the boring details and showing the safety standards. The front serves the main purpose on this packaging.

In terms of a bundle, you aren’t getting anything. There’s some warranty information and that’s about it. The MP300 is held inside the plastic packaging.

The Corsair MP300 isn’t much of a looker, with a monochrome appearance. The name and Corsair logo are clearly printed on the front. The sticker also functions as a small heatsink, helping to spread the heat across the front of the drive.

The backside of the drive shows the serial and model numbers, but as you can see, the drive is single sided meaning cooling is only required on the front side.

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