Corsair Graphite Series 600T Review

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅09-11-10

Corsair are keen to get across that the 600T is a mid-tower sized case but with full tower features, and in that statement they definitely aren't wrong. The 600T has a rich array of features that make it one of the best mid-tower cases on the market to date. It was a pleasure to work with.

Paramount to the 600T is its strong ability to allow the system builder to fit high-end components without the hassles of tight spaces, lack of cable routing and the requirement of having to use a screwdriver. The 600T addresses what many cases fall short of, it has oodles of space, multiple cable management grommets and even a neat little cable management box to conceal unwanted cables. There is an awful lot to talk about when you examine the features within the 600T. I haven't spoken about the USB3.0 port, the space to accommodate water-cooling in the top compartment, the easily removable side panels at the pressing of a latch. What a fantastic feature-set.

The only slight niggles I found with the 600T was the lack of rubber in the PSU area. This is something that I have a gripe with, I've experienced it on other case reviews. Lack of rubber mounted for the PSU means we have metal on metal, which in turn means scratches to paintwork. It also means there is no anti-vibration for the PSU.

Price could be a deciding factor, although 130 is quite a lot of cash for a mid-tower case I have to stress the point, this has the full tower feature-set. I would highly recommend the 600T to any enthusiast, system builder or gamer, its a brilliant enclosure.

+ Excellent build quality
+ Masses of space
+ Outstanding cable management
+ Good air cooling
+ Water-cooling support
+ Tool-less throughout - even the side panels
+ Expandable

- An expensive mid-tower
- Lack of anti-vibration rubber mounting for PSU

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