Corsair H50 CPU Cooler Review

👤by Sahil Mannick Comments 📅11-05-10
My first impression was that installation of the H50 was not as intuitive as other coolers but Corsair do an excellent job with their user guides detailing the procedure step by step. Installation was more fiddly than with the CoolIT ECO because of the separate mounting brackets and plastic inserts but on the whole, it was a straightforward task. One positive note is the inclusion of the long screws that make mounting the fan to the radiator a very easy process.

1.) Choose the appropriate backplate and place the 4 metal backplate inserts in the right holes. The holes are labelled for socket 775/1156/1366 on the Intel backplate.

2.) Attach the adhesive pads to the backplate and install it to the back of the motherboard making sure each corner has gone through.

3.) Insert 4 mounting inserts to each corner of the appropriate retention bracket. For socket 1156/1366, use the inserts with the two holes and for sockets 775/AM2/3, use the inserts with just the one hole. When installing the insert, ensure that the small clip is to the inside.

4.) Install the 4 mounting screws into the outer most holes of the inserts and line up the retention ring with the backplate on the front of the motherboard. Screw each corner in slightly so that they are in place but don't tighten them just yet.

5.) Attach the 120mm fan to the case as an intake and place the radiator on top.

6.) Install the CPU block in the retention ring and twist it so that it is latched onto the bracket. Once secured, tighten the screws on the retention bracket. Do not over tighten as it may damage the plastic inserts.

7.) Plug the pump and fan cables to the motherboard.

As with the CoolIT ECO, a second fan can be installed and Corsair make the process easier by providing longer screws. The hoses are approximately 30cm in length so the best position to attach them would be at the top or back of the case.

For a more in depth video covering the installation and mounting kit provided, check out this video from Corsair:

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