Corsair HARPOON RGB Review

👤by Tony Le Bourne Comments 📅11-11-16
Closer Look

From the top down, the HARPOON RGB looks quite stout with a shaped design, clearly showing the concave thumb groove on the left side.

The front of the mouse features an open mouse wheel design, where the mouse wheel is relatively wide with a rubberised surface, sitting just behind the mouse wheel is the DPI button.

On the left side we see a large rubberised section that features two side buttons (forward/back).

The rear side reveals more details of the level the ergonomic shaping goes to, including the slight shaping on the right side.

Here we can also see that this side also has a more subtle concave presence and also features the rubber grip.

Underneath we find that the sensor is approximately central to the base, and at the front and towards the rear there are some PTFE slip pads.

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