Corsair HS70 Review

👤by Weston Dakin Comments 📅10-07-18
Closer Look

The top of the headband is PU leather in style and features the Corsair name imprinted into it.

On the inner section of the headband there is some very nice grey stitching that creates a quilted effect, this adds a nice touch of class to the overall aesthetic.

Situated below the headband is the adjustment mechanism, this is constructed from metal and incorporates a numbering system to help make levelling out the sides easier.

The left and right side are identical and have a metal mesh design element with the Corsair logo in the centre. This is surrounded by a matte black finish that is soft coated.

Round the front side on the left earcup there is a singular port for the removable microphone. Flipping them around to the rear and here you’ll find all the controls and ports. On the left side are the volume control wheel, mic mute button, an LED indicator and micro USB port. The right side houses just the main power on/off button.

The earcups are crafted from synthetic leather that is quite smooth on the side that makes contact with your ears and also the outer side. The internal padding Corsair has opted for is memory foam which is quite plush.

The removable microphone is made from a combination of metal and plastic. The metal section is flexible and helps with microphone positioning, and the plastic areas are used for the microphone module and connector housing.

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