Corsair Ironclaw RGB Review

👤by Matthew Hodgson Comments 📅07-01-19
Closer Look
If you read our review last year of the Corsair Glaive, you’ll probably recognise a few similar design cues between this, and the Glaive. The braided cable is centred below the scroll wheel and slightly raised from the mouse to reduce drag. The thumb section on the left of the mouse has an obvious contoured shape.

The left of the mouse, towards the front, features 3 LEDs which can be used to display the currently selected profile. Above the sculpted and textured thumb section are a pair of fully programmable, chunky buttons; by default, these are used to move backwards and forwards within your browser or file menus.

The right hand side of the Ironclaw is textured in the same manner as the other side, aiding grip and overall feel.

Looking to the rear of the device, the RGB Corsair logo is placed centrally on top of a smooth plastic shell.

On top of the mouse are a pair of buttons, though unlike most mice, only one of these buttons is, by default, used to toggle the DPI, with the other switching between profiles. This is unusual, but a better use of a pair of buttons, in our opinion.

The textured scroll wheel is much the same as many other Corsair mice, featuring a satisfying tactile click without being too loud.

The underside is incredibly basic. Usually we would see some kind of serial number here along with the CE mark and other mandatory information but instead, Corsair have moved this to the end of the 1.8M braided cable, on a small sticker. The base of the mouse features a section, towards the front, that looks like it could be removed but it’s not possible to pop this away. There are four large PTFE pads which should provide plenty of glide for years to come.

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