Corsair K83 Wireless Review

👤by Matthew Hodgson Comments 📅07-03-19
Closer Look
Kicking off with an overview, the keyboard looks stylish with the crisp lines and smooth textures. The front of the keyboard is made from aircraft grade aluminium with large, carefully designed keycaps to enable comfortable typing on the sofa. The round trackpad is located on the right, with independent left and right click.

The keyboard weighs a tiny 480g and measures 380mm x 125mm x 28mm.

Due to a design choice of minimising the keyboard’s overall footprint, certain functions have been moved to the F-row along the top, with a toggle switch that changes the default action of the entire row between the traditional F1-12 or their indicated 2nd use.

Functions, from left to right, are:
• F1 – Back
• F2 – Launch Browser/Home Screen
• F3 – Switch Application
• F4 – Search
• F5 – 2.4GHz Wireless Mode
• F6/F7 – Bluetooth Mode 1 or 2 (With the ability to store two separate devices)
• F8 – Launch Media Player
• F9/F12 – Media Functions

Separating the keys along the top row are a trio of LEDs. The first LED, starting on the left, is used to indicate things like battery life, charging status, connectivity and so on. The second and third LEDs are for CAPS lock and Scroll Lock.

Focussing on the right edge of the keyboard, we have the large, circular trackpad; that’s an unusual shape for a trackpad with them usually always being rectangular in shape, though it certainly looks good! Below the trackpad are two fully independent buttons for right and left click. Then looking above the trackpad, on the left we have a volume roller, with a depress feature for mute. Below the volume wheel we have an LED backlight button, toggling between off, dim and bright.

Finally, and quite importantly, in the very top-right is a joystick, similar to what you would find on your gaming console controller, that can be used for navigating menus or even for gaming, if you wish. Designed to work in tandem with that joystick are a couple of buttons which we’ll touch on next.

One button is on the top of the keyboard, just behind the joystick itself, marked “L”. While we’re here, you may take note of the power button and the Micro USB charging/data port.

The other button is located on the bottom of the K83, with the idea of wrapping your hand around this area to create a controller-like experience.

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