Corsair K83 Wireless Review

👤by Matthew Hodgson Comments 📅07-03-19
Closer Look (Continued)
As the joystick might suggest, the K83 has also been designed with some gaming in mind, the WASD keys have been given a different colour, helping to highlight them when gaming, the keys themselves feel identical, however.

The side profile of the keyboard definitely lends itself towards an angled user experience, using the wedge shape to rest on your lap while sat on the sofa. The thin end measures 9mm from the desk with the top end stacking up at 23mm.

Flipping the keyboard onto its front, the back is very basic. You get some recessed sections at each end to help improve grip when holding the keyboard and a long, thin rubber strip across the top and bottom provide traction when used on a desk or hard surface.

Last but not least is the USB receiver, used for the 2.4GHz transmission, as well as the connections on the 1.82M flat Micro-USB cable.

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