CORSAIR K95 RGB Platinum XT Review

👤by Matthew Hodgson Comments 📅06-01-20
Closer Look (Continued)
Along the left edge of the keyboard are 6 macro keys, with their own custom, textured keycaps. These can be configured to do almost anything you can think of through the iCUE software.

CORSAIR also equip you with a pack of replacement switches, in blue, with numbers, so they’ll match up with the features within the Elgato software. Of course, if you prefer the grey keys then there’s no actual reason why you need to swap them, it’s purely just for show. These keys can function in a very similar way to those on a bespoke Elgato Stream Deck, only lacking the OLED displays on each key, of course.

On the top of the keyboard, just by the cable exit is a USB 2.0 passthrough. This is handy for plugging in a headset or phone charger, anything that you need to hand, really.

Lifting up a keycap using the included keypuller, you can see that our sample uses the CHERRY MX Speed switches, with their shallower activation point they can shave off vital milliseconds from a keystroke, which might just give you an edge on your opponent in the heat of battle. The CHERRY MX Speed and CHERRY MX Brown switches both boast a whopping 100 million keystroke lifespan while the CHERRY MX Blue option is limited to just 50.

Finally, flipping the keyboard on its belly, we can see the massive rubber pads on the base, designed to keep things stationary on all surfaces. The kickstand feet in the top corners, as we saw earlier, raise the keyboard by roughly 13mm.

The X in the middle of the keyboard is designed to offer an easy way of routing your headset through and under the keyboard without causing a see-saw effect and while others might rely on magnets, CORSAIR has held strong with using plastic clips for the palm rest, locking it into place.

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