Corsair M65 PRO RGB Review

👤by Tony Le Bourne Comments 📅02-05-16
Closer Look

The front of the M65 shows off the attractive aluminium frame design, the central recess surrounding the mousewheel has an RGB LED that beams out like a headlight.

The side panel of the M65 is a anti-fingerprint material and has been ergonomically shaped for the right hand. In the middle is a large DPI toggle button, to instantly change the DPI in game for more accuracy while aiming, thus aptly named 'sniper' button. Not a unique feature, but is one that is well liked by many FPS gamers. There are also a standard pair of forward/backward mouse buttons.

Chasing the stern, it is much easier to see the ergonomic shape of the M65, while at the base you can see the aluminium frame rolled up. Not only does the rear LED lighting light up the logo, but it is emitted out through the frame in an attractive manner.

The off side acts as a grip, but is cut short compared to the side with buttons, showing off the aluminium frame a little more.

At the front there is a 'high mass' wheel, that has a rubberised grip coating. Behind the mouse where is the DPI up/down buttons with a profile indicator light that can be customised.

The belly of the beast, showing of that brushed aluminium frame in all its goodness. There are removable weights that can be unscrewed to reduce the total weight by up to 20.5g, meaning that the M65 spans from a relatively light 115g, to a more mid weight 135.5g.

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