Corsair M65 RGB Elite Review

👤by Matthew Hodgson Comments 📅09-01-19
Closer Look
The front of the mouse is a rather basic design, with empty sections highlighting Corsair’s desire to build a lightweight mouse, though the thickness of the aluminium chassis is visible and it’s certainly not on the flimsy end of things. The braided USB cable extends out of the left side of the mouse, instead of the centre as is the norm.

The left side of the mouse features, what looks like, a well known sporting brand’s logo towards the front, a pair of programmable thumb buttons, which default to forward and backwards in your browser. The red button with the crosshair is the “Sniper button”; when depressed, the mouse will immediately reduce the sensitivity to allow finer control of the cursor when lining up your headshot in FPS games.

The piece of plastic flares out slightly towards the base of the mouse to increase comfort for palm grip users and help maintain grip with other grip styles.

The right-hand side of the mouse is made up of a single slab of smooth plastic. There’s very little in the way of shape, though the top edge forms an almost 90° angle with little curvature.

Moving to the back of the mouse, due to its short length, the rear slopes off quickly. The Corsair sail glows with RGB lighting, as do the three cut-outs under the plastic shell, leaving a glow on the mousemat.

The scroll wheel also features RGB lighting around the two clear plastic sections, which can be configured in tandem or independently of the rear section. Just behind the scroll wheel are a pair of DPI select buttons, one for up, the other for, down. The LED in the middle displays the currently selected option.

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