Corsair M65 RGB Elite Review

👤by Matthew Hodgson Comments 📅09-01-19
Closer Look (Continued)
On the bottom of the mouse are five separate PTFE pads, ensuring the mouse glides with ease. The PMW 3391 sensor is planted almost perfectly in the centre of the mouse.

The main point here is those three screw points. When undone, they allow a weight to be removed. Each weight is 6g, allowing a total of 18g to be added to the base 97g of the M65 Elite, though do bear in mind that you are able to pick and choose which are populated which can alter the balance of the mouse, if you wish. 6g isn’t a great deal, but 18g is around 20% of the 97g, so it does add up.

Finally, moving onto the cable. Corsair have opted to use a braided cable, which is pretty much a necessity on any mouse over about £30 these days. The moulded end feels nice and is even textured to help you pull it out of stubborn USB ports. The cable itself is 1.8M.

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