Corsair Raptor M45 Review

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅05-03-14
Software & Performance

Bundled with Corsair’s Raptor M45 is the software to fully customise the gaming mouse. This software is easy to use and contains just three tabs to adjust the settings for M45.

The first tab allows each of the seven programmable buttons to be assigned a command. Macros can be applied to these buttons and various playback options are available too.

Under the ‘Manage Performance’ tab we have the core settings to be adjusted. DPI can be assigned to each of the three DPI profiles and the mouse even has the option to enter “Sniper” mode which has the DPI set very low – this can also be adjusted to preference. We’re pleased to see Lift Off settings making an appearance, this allows you to control how sensitive the sensor is when the mouse is taken off its pad.

On the last tab, profiles can be saved, imported, exported.


Since Raptor M45 has a unique weight system, you can choose the optimum load for the mouse according to your own personal preference. Having the option to do this is extremely beneficial because you aren’t burdened with a peripheral that is too light or too heavy.

We find M45 is ideal for most hand sizes but of course you will need to be right-handed to take advantage of this mouse. The shape curves perfectly to the hand and is more suited (due to the dimensions) to being a claw grip gaming mouse.

Buttons on M45 are placed in good locations – the thumb navigators on the edge are just right and are also unobtrusive. The option to tweak the DPI on-the-fly is a neat idea, especially since each profile can be modified to the user’s taste. Sometimes low and high sensitivity are required for different games so it helps to have the ability to switch between alternate DPI settings without having to exit a game.

Having two different materials on M45 ensures comfort is adhered to. The soft surface found on the top of the mouse works well for extended periods of time and the grainy texture around the sides helps alleviate any slipping that may occur has the hand gets sweaty.

Our mouse uses an optical sensor and at first we tested its performance with a hardened plastic surface pad – unfortunately we encountered various tracking issues as the sensor found it difficult to interface with the smooth, slightly shiny and glittery surface type. Using such a pad causes the cursor to move on its own and perform unpredictable behaviour. But using a cloth pad changed everything. On the contrary, we found M45 tracking extremely well with absolute precision and accuracy. The glide pads also work well on the cloth pad to provide smooth motion.

We tested M45 in various games and found it to be a reliable gaming peripheral. As Corsair intend, M45 is efficient in the FPS arena and it works well in this genre of game. The “Sniper” feature is especially useful for games which require low sensitivity with this type of weapon.

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