Corsair Survivor GTR 32GB Flash Drive Review

👤by James Clewer Comments 📅25-05-10

Manufacturer: Corsair
Product: Corsair Survivor GTR 32gb
Street price: Around £90

Corsair are a major force in the memory marketplace. They also produce various air and watercooling components as well as a series of very highly reviewed power supplies.

Today we're lucky enough to be taking a look at one of their latest memory products, the Survivor GTR tough flash drive.

Here’s a little about the company:

Corsair has been a leader in the design and manufacture of high-speed modules since 1994. Our focus has always been on supporting the special demands of mission-critical servers and high-end workstations, as well as the performance demands of extreme gamers. While maintaining this core focus, in recent years, we've also brought our expertise, technology leadership and legendary quality and reliability to memory and other technology products for the more mainstream consumer.

Corsair has expanded beyond memory modules to offer performance liquid cooling units and blocks under our Corsair Nautilus brand and power supplies under our HX Series brand.
In addition, we offer a line of specialty Flash memory. From our ultra-rugged Flash Survivor™ family to the multi-award winning durable Flash Voyager™ family, Corsair has quickly established itself as an industry leader for USB drives.

and the product...

Flash Survivor™ is an extremely durable, water resistant, drop-tested flash USB memory drive. By design it is perfect for transporting valuable data such as personal files, photos and applications without having to worry about damage or loss of data due to the elements.

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