Corsair TX750M PSU Review

👤by Richard Weatherstone Comments 📅15-12-11

Product on Review: Enthusiast Series Modular TX750M
Manufacturer and Sponsor: Corsair
Street Price: £83.99

Any system builder worth his salt will tell you that the single most important component in a PC is the power supply unit. Common sense dictates you could have the most powerful setup imaginable but without a PSU it serves no purpose other than being a very expensive ornament. Strange than that a PSU is often overlooked and yet if one was to scour any enthusiast forum, a faulty PSU is the mainstay of many troubleshooting issues.

Corsair have been expanding their product range to include PSU's and over the years have gained a very enviable reputation by producing some very capable units. There range has now expanded to five sections, each with a range of power output. The Builder series focuses on the basic, entry level requirements while at the top of the tree we see the Professional Series Gold. Today however we have a unit from their mid-range 'Enthusiast Series', itself having a variety of PSU's ranging from 550W to 950W. We opted for the 750W which finds itself in the middle of the pile and is likely to appeal to those looking for the performance you would expect from Corsair but also keeping a tight hold of the purse strings.

The Corsair TX750M as the 'M' suggests, is a modular unit by design utilising a single 12v rail and brags an 80 PLUS Bronze certification. Corsair's RMA procedure is second to none and thus this PSU also grants piece of mind thanks to the 5 year warranty should you have the misfortune to encounter difficulties with this unit.

Here's what Corsair have to say about their product:
Corsair Enthusiast Series™ power supply units are designed for hardcore PC gamers, performance enthusiasts, and anybody who appreciates a combination of high performance standards and affordability. Enthusiast Series PSUs are 80 PLUS® Bronze certified, and are available in both modular and non-modular configurations.

Based on the award-winning Enthusiast Series TX V2 line, Enthusiast Series Modular PSUs add a modular cabling system for improved installation flexibility. It provides a great combination of exacting performance standards and affordability.

Let's first take a look at the unit specification...

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