Corsair TX750M PSU Review

👤by Richard Weatherstone Comments 📅15-12-11
Packaging & Contents

Box Front

The Corsair unit is presented in a rectangular box and is satisfyingly heavy which is a good sign for a PSU. The outer box is typical Corsair themed packaging and shows a close-up of the unit’s main cooling fan hidden behind the grill. The 80Plus certification badge is joined with the ErP and Corsair's own 5 Year Guarantee stamp of approval.

Box Rear

At first glance the rear of the box goes into great details until we realise that the details is actually in multiple languages meaning you only get a brief rundown of the product specification and features. This brevity is however joined by efficiency and noise reduction curves.

Inner Box

A sign of a quality product is its packaging. The Corsair does not disappoint here as there is a box-in-a-box which furthers the products protection. Opening this box we were impressed further due to the main unit being held firmly in place by a stiff foam frame which should be enough to ensure the product reaches you in perfect condition.


Further to the product packaging, the main power supply unit is clothed in a luxurious faux velvet drawstring bag, a very nice yet surprising touch as we are not familiar with this kind of attention to details at this price point in the market.

The main unit is joined by an AC power 'kettle' lead, modular cables, warranty guide, safety information booklet and two baggies containing 10x zip ties, 4 hex screws and a Corsair badge.

Modular Cables

Here we see a glimpse of the modular cables which coupled with the fixed unit’s armoury of connectors makes up the following cable arrangement:

While being classified as a modular PSU it is far from 100% modular with the majority of cables being fixed. I would have opted to have seen less fixed cables and more modular cables as this would have given the PSU more flexibility and assisted in keeping the cables tidy. Nevertheless, the additional cables offer a good range of options and it was certainly nice to see the addition of Molex to floppy cable adaptors included as the floppy connector can either be a Godsend or a hindrance depending on your PC specification.

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