Corsair TX750M PSU Review

👤by Richard Weatherstone Comments 📅15-12-11
Closer Look


The main unit looks very attractive in a deep grey textured paint job. The top panel has a cut out for the cooling fan which is shielded by the grill which complements the ridged lines of the power supply unit casing nicely. The PSU top looks very similar to the BeQuiet designs which is no bad thing as the styling is discreet yet distinguished.

Modular connections

As previously mentioned, the modular connections are a little lacking on this unit with only four options available. Clearly there is room for more connections but Corsair didn't feel that more cables were necessary in a mid-range unit.


The hot air generated from within the PSU will be exhausted to the rear of the PSU where you will find both the input power socket from the mains and the power switch. Sadly there was no diagnostic LED to be found here.


The specifications of the PSU we discussed earlier are to be found on a sticker beneath the PSU. As you can see, the vast majority of the PSU's output is dedicated to the 12v rail with a theoretical total of 744W.

20+4 pin ATX connector

Like most modern PSU's, the ATX 24pin is split into a 20+4 configuration allowing for backward compatibility to the 20 pin sockets. The 20+4 pin connectors mate together by sliding one into the other ensuring a stable, secure fit is attained. Unfortunately, the individual coloured cables can be clearly seen so those who have aesthetics high on their agenda may wish to purchase a braided extension cable.

PCIe (fixed) cables

Speaking of braiding, the modular cables are fully braided but sadly the fixed cables are only part braided and do not go all the way to the plug which was a shame, especially if you are averse to multicoloured cabling. The SATA modular cable on the other hand has 100% black wires which look so much better.

Let's crack open the enclosure to see what is hidden inside the PSU...

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