Corsair Vengeance DDR3 12GB 1600MHz Review

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅06-12-10
Packaging & First Look

If you are familiar with other Corsair related products, such products like the Dominator DDR3 series then you will instantly notice similarities with the new Vengeance kit. The front of the box has a large impression of the kit installed on a motherboard, the Intel Core i7 logo appears on the front signifying that this kit is specifically designed for this platform. On the rear of the case there are some specifications but aside from this its just a box holding the memory modules.

Opening the box up, each module is encased in moulded transparent plastic casing.

Vengeance packaging

Each module sealed within a transparent clear case

First impressions of the modules are - they look much more aggressive than what we have seen from Corsair in the past, what with the likes of the Dominator series. The Aluminium fins that protrude out from the heatsink appear to be quite blunt. You would be forgiven for thinking the exterior on these modules looks to be plastic. They are in fact as I have just mentioned aluminium. This kit is going to look lethal in any gaming, enthusiast setup.

All 3 Vengeance modules

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