Corsair Vengeance K60 Keyboard Review

👤by Richard Weatherstone Comments 📅13-01-12

Product on Review: Vengeance® K60 Performance FPS Gaming Keyboard
Manufacturer and Sponsor: Corsair
Street Price: £93.98 inc. VAT

Corsair have spread their wings to cover many PC components including PSU's, PC enclosures, SSD's and of course performance memory. Today, we see that their huge range is once again expanded to include gaming peripherals, specifically from the gaming Vengeance line which includes mice, keyboards, memory and headsets. Today, we turn our focus to the performance fps mechanical gaming keyboard, the K60. There are currently two keyboards in the Corsair Vengeance line-up, the K90 which caters for MMO gamers, and the model we have today, the K60 which is aimed squarely at the FPS gamer.

We have reviewed a number of mechanical keyboards recently and for the most part, have been impressed. Each has brought something new to the table so with Corsairs innovative approach we hope to see some new features along with Corsairs reputable quality assurance. Each of the keyboards we have reviewed did however have their own failings, some were not backlit, some placed style over function, others offered a mixture of features but were lacking in other departments. With the Corsair model being the latest kid on the block hopefully some of this issues have been addressed and because it is priced competitively at £94, it is one of the cheaper mechanical keyboards we have tested. So on paper at least, the Corsair already has the advantage but before we get carried away, let's take a look at the product and specifications to see how well they match up to the competition.

The gear that brings your gaming to the highest performance

Incredible responsiveness. Precise accuracy. Customizable, reliable controls. Intelligent design. The smallest details and the highly crafted refinements that make all the difference. Vengeance gaming peripherals aren't typical gaming devices, but elite mice, keyboards and headsets that allow you to perform at your highest level. Brought to you by Corsair — people enthusiastic about performance gaming.

The Corsair Advantage

With a long history of building enthusiast-grade memory and components, we've earned a reputation for quality, compatibility, and performance. Need help? We're available by phone call, email or web forum.

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