Corsair Vengeance M60 Mouse Review

👤by Richard Weatherstone Comments 📅18-01-12
Packaging & First Look


The packaging is nothing to write home about with just a blister pack protecting the contents. The clear plastic does however allow the prospective purchaser to mould their hands around the mouse profile and of course, allow them to see the product first hand. To the rear of the package, the main features of the mouse are discussed briefly in multiple languages with a picture showing the mouse weight adjustment.


Despite the mouse needing driver software for complete functionality, it is plug-n-play with the latest version of Windows. The driver/software is available from Corsair and will be covered later in the review. Other than a small product leaflet directing you to plug the mouse into an available USB port and to download the latest driver along with a warranty booklet giving 2 years piece of mind there are no other accessories included.

Right Profile

Here we get a first glance of the M60 gaming mouse from Corsair. First impressions are good the Corsair mouse certainly looks the part. The overall matt black appearance contrasts well with the aluminium base and rubberised mousewheel. The middle buttons do not appear to stand proud from the unit and despite the mouse clearly being aim towards right handers, it looks ergonomically sound.

Left Profile

The 'business end' side the mouse features 2 discreet buttons and a large red button adorned with a crosshair. Again we see that the matt plastic is built upon what appears to be vented aluminium. With the rear of the mouse cut away it certainly looks individual and while not as obtuse as the Saitek R.A.T range of peripherals, the M60 looks to be very performance orientated by design.

Braided cable

The 1.8m cable is fully braided with dense weave material. Not as flexible as bare silicon wire, the braided cable does however afford greater protection and again, looks very nice indeed. At the end of the cable you will find a USB connection which is nickel plated steel rather than the gold plating we are now accustomed to. As I have stated previously, gold plating, while looking pretty, offers nothing over your standard USB connector. Of course manufacturers will claim it offers longer durability and a better connection but in my many years of experience I have yet to have USB connector fail on me or have any evidence to suggest that gold plating offers any tangible advantage over the standard USB plating process.

Let's delve a little deeper and see what tricks the M60 mouse has to offer...

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