Corsair Vengeance M60 Mouse Review

👤by Richard Weatherstone Comments 📅18-01-12
Closer Look

M60 Top

From a bird’s eye view, we can see that the Corsair M60 is profiled to be used right handed with the sculpted thumb insert and right, rear section notable by its absence. The lines of the mouse are however near perfect if you fall into the right-handed category. The mouse is relatively wide in comparison to other mice on the market measuring 75mm at its widest point and 118mm long despite the rear section being cut away. Ergonomically, the mouse feels great in the palm but may be a little too large to suit those looking for a 'claw-grip' styled mouse.

M60 Front

Here we see the front of the mouse. Starting from the base upwards we see that the aluminium base protrudes ever so slightly beneath the main mouse buttons. Also worthy of note is that the cable is attached to the right hand side of the mouse which is the best place for it to be as this will help prevent the cable getting in the way while in operation. Moving up, the main mouse buttons are lightly sculpted for great comfort and grip. These buttons while plastic have a rubber coating which not only feels good but should also assist during gaming should you tend to sweat a little.

The mouse wheel appears to be ever so slightly out of parallel with the rest of the mouse but it is actually the mouse that slopes to the right along with the middle mouse buttons. This may look slightly odd but in practice works very well indeed. The mouse wheel is aluminium with a textured rubber sheath and is notched rather than 'smooth' in operation which is perfect for quick, accurate weapon selection while in game!

Aluminium Frame

The base and indeed the frame of the mouse is aluminium. Mouse gaming mice are plastic throughout and while this keeps the mouse light, plastic does nothing for the durability. Of course, aluminium is heavier than plastic so if you prefer a light mouse, this is perhaps not the best choice. If however you like something with a bit of weight to it, the K60 feels very solid and will serve you well.

M60 Base

Attached to the aluminium base are 5x Teflon pads to ensure the rodent slides on nearly any surface with ease. Unfortunately there were no spare pads included with the package which was a shame but any normal replacement pads should suffice should the stock versions eventually wear out thanks to the flat base. You will also notice the mouse laser situated towards the centre of the unit. This is an Avago Technologies ADNS-9500 LaserStream Gaming Sensor capable of a maximum 5700DPI. IF that is too sensitive for you then the downloadable software allows you to configure the sensitivity in 100 DPI increments.

Sniper Button

In the sculpted thumb rest area of the the mouse are the two page forward/backward buttons which follow the line of the mouse from front to back. These buttons are neither too pronounced to hit accidentally nor too shallow to require focused effort. Of greater interest is the Sniper button. This button instantly lowers the DPI to a pre-configured (lower) value when pressed and held in place. Upon releasing the button, the DPI would return to normal. Adjusting the sensitivity on the fly along with having it in such a convenient place is a genius move from Corsair and will certainly appeal to those snipers we love to hate on the Battlefield.

Weight Adjustment

The mouse in stock form is a hefty piece of equipment which I personally prefer. If however you wish to adjust the weight, or indeed the balance of the mouse then the weights can be removed individually. Unfortunately, you will need a flat head screwdriver or long finger nails to do this but in all honesty, once you have the mouse setup to your liking it is unlikely you will ever need to adjust the weight again.


After plugging the mouse into our test setup we were greeted with a soft blow glow emanating from the front of the mouse. I'm not ashamed to say I'm a sucker for lights and the blue of the Corsair, while discreet enough not to be distracting, does give off an air of quality during dim conditions.

Enough of the conjecture! Let's move on to the Software set and performance of today's review item...

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