Cougar 500M review

👤by Tony Le Bourne Comments 📅24-08-15
Closer Look

At the front we can see it has a slightly left leaning arch which helps with comfort and grip while its low height looks like it is set to be suitable for various grip styles. From this angle the mouse wheel in its solid housing dominates the front of the mouse, it has grooves cut out to aid with traction when in use.

Large forward and back buttons, 3 lighting stages to indicate which profile is in use and a large helping of honeycomb textured grip to help with control.

From the back we can see more of those curves, while the Cougar logo creates an expected identifier, unfortunately some may have liked to see some lighting here.

More of that anti-slip grip.

The large Trigger Button is used by pulling it back, be default it selects between profiles but it can be programmed for other uses within the UIX software.

The underside reveals the optical sensor, and the large slip pads designed to help with control.

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