COUGAR 600M Review

👤by Kurtis Simpson Comments 📅29-04-15
Software & Performance
Practically identical to the UIX system included with the COUGAR 700M as well as COUGAR'S other products, the features on-hand provide ease-of-use functionality that gives the user complete control over their product. Sectioned across three different menus relating to Performance, Key Assignment, and Lighting Control, the UIX interface is fairly slick and is easy to navigate.

COUGAR allows up to three custom profiles for the user to configure, along with the ability to import and export custom profiles among them. Tied within the performance menu, users are given basic options for functionality of the mouse. Adjustable polling rates, sensor lift height, scroll speed, double-click speed, and the Windows pointer speed. The stand-out feature here lies within it's DPI settings, of which there are four different configurations to set-up for on-the-fly adjustment.

Along with custom DPI profiles there's also a Sniper DPI setting. This is designed to be used in-conjunction with the additional thumb-button, located to the left-side body of the mouse. As this button is reliant on the user's thumb making the press however, some users may prefer to ignore this function and simply use the left switch as standard. While attempting to use this feature myself, I found it much more convenient not too. Muscle memory served more purpose in being more beneficial to gameplay, as opposed to adapting for change, which sadly provided none.

Second on the UIX system is a key assignment menu. This allows users to assign macro functions to any button on the mouse, such as launching software and applications as well as purposes in gaming. Assigned to the third menu, the backlit LED lighting control provides up to 16.8 million different colours for the user to choose from.

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