COUGAR 700K Review

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅17-12-14
Closer Look (Continued)

A closer look at the Cherry MX red switch

Space bar splits into two

700K uses Cherry MX switches our sample uses the red switch which is more commonly used for gaming. Additional to the switch, we have LED back lighting too which can be individually controlled. The colour of the LED is limited to orange but each individual key can have its light turned on or off rather than just on/off for the entire set of keys. This allows the user to create their own design.

COUGAR has even given the space bar a G key by dividing it into two pieces. By doing this, the space bar can have a customised command applied to it and gamers can use their thumb to quickly access such an option.

Magnetic rubber piece for comfort

Not only does 700K come with a detachable wrest rest which connects to the keyboard and spans the entire length of the unit but COUGAR also include a rubberised piece which can be placed on the left or right side (via magnets which sit on the underside). This can be especially useful for those who use either WASD or arrow keys for playing games because it raises the wrist, providing comfort and avoiding RSI.

Twin USB connectors with braided cabling

700K makes use of a substantially thick braided cable which splits off into four thinner cables. These four cables include two USB connections and audio cables. The secondary USB connection is required to supply power to the two USB ports which are found on the keyboard (giving USB passthrough). 700K also has audio hacks so that headsets can be plugged directly into the keyboard instead of the computer chassis.

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