COUGAR 700K Review

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅17-12-14
Software & Lighting

700K is equipped with a 32-Bit ARM processor which when combined with their UIX software system, offers modifications without any performance lag. UIX is a nicely designed piece of software that gives the gamer the option to fully customise the 700K. As shown in the video below, UIX is easy to access and provides control over such options as profiles, sleep modes, individual key assignment and lighting modification.


Moving from a standard membrane to a mechanical keyboard and especially one which uses Cherry MX Red switches will feel a rather strange at first and will take some getting used to. Generally this type of switch is more suited to gaming due to the lightness of actuation, but for general usage within windows, typing up documents and web browsing K70 RGB still does a good job – personally I still prefer the Cherry Brown for a better balance between both types of use.

700K follows a QWERTY layout and therefore the keys aren’t placed in obscure locations which is helpful if you are transferring from another keyboard. But, as mentioned previously, having the “G” keys on the left side does take some getting used to as they’re quite close to keys such as left CTRL. One particular niggle we found was the placement of just a single windows key and on the right-side. We’d prefer the windows key on the left so that it’s in close proximity to the left hand when typing.

For both general use and gaming we found the 700K to be a good keyboard to use and we encountered no problems throughout our duration with this unit. The ability to disable the windows key on-the-fly from the button located at the top of the keyboard is a great feature to have, as are the multimedia keys and brightness adjustment.

700K can achieve full NKRO (N-Key Rollover) via USB. We tested whether this claim stood true and sure enough with Aqua’S KeyTest there were no problems with simultaneous presses on the keyboard.

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