Cougar Minos X3 Review

👤by Tony Le Bourne Comments 📅09-03-17
Performance Testing
Setup, Design & Observations
As the Minos X3 is driverless there is no need to download any software, the settings are adjusted by using the included button and switches. So all you need is a USB port, and away you go.

On opening the packaging and holding the mouse, the first impression is not what you would expect. Sure, it is lightweight, but it doesn't feel 'cheap'. It doesn't feel like it is poor quality. In the hand it is comfortable to hold in any grip style and is light enough for tip grippers to take full advantage of. Those that like solid, heavier, ergonomic style mice that are a little larger and more palm orientated may prefer a different option, but for everyone else that want a no fuss daily driver, the Minos X3 seems just about perfect. Fans of FPSs will certainly appreciate the side grips, shape and balance of the body as it makes controlled lifting a breeze with no spin out or interference.

Compared to some other mice we have used that is in this price range, the Minos X3 doesn't suffer from squishy side buttons with long travel that plagues many other mice in this category, instead they are fast, clicky and responsive. As Cougar has included the use of Omron switches too, the main mouse buttons too feel pleasant to use. The scroll wheel is set rather low into the shell, meaning it doesn't stick out and get in the way, and has well pronounced stops.

The LED lighting button on the top also has a satisfying click to it. It toggles between 10 different effects, including a colour cycle, breathing colour cycle, and various static colours (blue, cyan, red, green, yellow, orange, pink, white) as well as 'off'. The lighting looks attractive and gives a nice accent to the mouse. Sure it doesn't feature any advanced lighting effects, but it serves as a nice bonus feature.

Setting the Minos X3 to its highest DPI setting, we test it out on various surfaces. The PWM 3310 sensor does well in standard setups on black fabric mouse mats, and does well on most matte surfaces such as cardboard, but it may get a little erratic on glossy/coloured surfaces. To top it off, there was no noticeable problem with jitter or any other motion anomalies, making the Minos X3 a perfect implementation of the 3310 sensor.

This precision translated well in game, CS:GO felt fantastic as there is zero acceleration from the optical sensor, providing you the utmost level of precision and reliability.

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