Creative Sound Blaster EVO Zx Review

👤by Tony Le Bourne Comments 📅17-10-13
Closer Look

Folding joints

The headset is foldable for convenient storage and the joints are good quality with metal parts.

100 arc of rotation

The earcups have plenty of movement in all directions to allow them to fit comfortably in any situation.


The headband has a generous portion of soft squishy padding to provide comfort.

Adjustable strap reinforced with metal

Built-in buttons

Mounted on the headset we find a volume dial, skip, power buttons. The whole right hand side is a multi-function button and the tap to pair NFC location.

Built in discrete microphone

The microphone included is a dual beamforming type that is powered by Creative's Crystal Voice technology.

IO ports

Being wireless, yet flexible, we find a mini USB socket and a 3.5mm jack socket. Allowing for passive, wired use either with USB or with a discrete sound card. Of course using the USB cable will also charge the units battery.

Switched on

The lighting on the Sound Blaster is subtle, distinctive and outright awesome. Lighting on something you can't see, some may find gimmicky and pointless, but it allows the user to standout and make a statement (as well as indicating that it is switched on). The lighting conveniently turns blue when in pairing mode.

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