Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi HD Review

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅04-10-10

The definition of a an audiophile is someone who seeks high-quality audio reproduction via the use of non-mass produced high-end audio electronics. Creative claim the X-Fi HD offers audiophile performance but with USB simplicity and that claim is certainly true.

Behind the X-Fi HD you have a high-quality device that is very capable and all you need is a spare USB port. The X-Fi product line has always had attached to it high respect, being regarded as a range of premium audio solutions incorporating THD and signal clarity. The real push with X-Fi HD is the integrated THX TruStudio Pro, this has a dialog enhancer which creates virtualised surround sound channels. EAX and X-Fi Crystalizer add audio fidelity allowing you to significantly enhance the audio coming through your speakers. Looking into things a little deeper you can discover that the dialog enhancer purifies speech and voice tones for audio tracks and movies ensuring they are even clearer.

Bundled with the X-Fi HD is a fairly impressive software suite. The Media Toolbox is included, allowing you to edit, organise and backup all manner of audio files. There is of course the console too, which gives you access to the all important THX options.

You will be aware that the X-Fi HD isn't just designed for gamers, movie addicts or music lovers it has a far wider audience. If we are to believe that this is designed for the audiophile then the ports to the front and rear of this device should clearly allow for multiple devices to sync with the X-Fi HD, and there is. In fact this product is designed for those with home theatre setups, those who really do love their audio. The lack of 3.5" reveals this. It isn't really a device designed solely for gamers, although it does work extremely well in this environment too. The inclusion of the 3.5mm adapter does allow you to use headphones or speakers with the X-Fi HD but sadly, you can only use one device with the adapter so if you are using a headset for example, the headphones can be used but if the microphone is also 3.5mm there is nothing to plug it into.

At 89 the X-Fi HD is positioned within the high-end audio sound card region, being the cheapest high-end offering compared to the likes of ASUS. This price represents a good value for such a versatile audio product.

+ Multiple applications
+ Extremely precise, clear audio
+ Good assortment of software
+ Enhances movies experience

- Lack of native 3.5mm support
- Only one 3.5mm device can be used

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