Creative Sound BlasterX H7 Review

👤by Tony Le Bourne Comments 📅12-05-16

Product on Review: Creative Sound BlasterX H7
Manufacturer: Creative
Street Price: UK: £139.99, US: $159.99

Some time ago we took at look at the BlastX H5, and we were pleasantly surprised by the all round quality that it provided. The H7 expands on the H5 in that it is the digital v7.1 variant that is supported with various Creative technologies that can be adjusted in the software.

At a glance, the H7 has the similar high quality construction to the H5 with the 50mm drivers, steel headband/ brushed aluminium parts, memory foam padding, removable noise reducing microphone, however, there are some subtle changes that differentiate it from its sibling. First, the aluminium holding the earcup to the headphone is anodized black. Second, The H7 is semi-modular with the DAC hard wired to the headset by 400mm of braided cable. Lastly, to take advantage of that USB power, there is a subtle red LED lighting effect that pulsates. As the H7 has both digital and analogue connectivity, it can be used on pretty much all platforms.

Overview by Creative
CLEARER, LOUDER, HARDER, BETTER! Built with the powerful and versatile BlasterX Acoustic Engine Pro, the Sound BlasterX H7 combines large, responsive 50mm FullSpectrum™ audio drivers to offer customizable, best-in-class surround sound audio for absolute gaming immersion.

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