Creative Sound BlasterX H7 Review

👤by Tony Le Bourne Comments 📅12-05-16
Closer Look

The top of the headband has the Sound Blaster X logo on top, not quite the high quality embroidery that we have seen on some other headsets, but that is just splitting hairs.

The headband itself is super soft and squishy as is lined with quality memory foam, ensuring comfort for the top of your head.

As observed in the H5, the H7 also has an opening/vent in the earcup, likely to act as a bass port that may help reduce how deep/bass heavy neodymium drivers tend to be.

The side of the earcup is a large plate of brushed aluminium that has the Sound BlasterX logo etched in to is, with the X having a cutout for RED LED backlighting.

The earcups are also made from squishy memory foam and they provide a large amount of space for your ears to give a true circum-aural experience.

The aluminium prongs that hold the earcups have indentations that click into place when you adjust them to fit your head.

Unlike the H5 that is fully modular, the H7 has a hard wired cable, though it does feature the space for the detachable microphone.

The H7 complete with its microphone and lighting. Though Creative didn't adopt RGB LED lighting, they did include some minor controls including brightness/pulsing speed, or the choice for an audio/pulsing with music mode. As the lighting area is small, it adds a small touch of class and elegance and adds a nice finish to the headset, rather than trying to create a focal point, like what many RGB products aim to do.

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