Creative T3250 Wireless Review

👤by Tony Le Bourne Comments 📅30-08-15

Product on Review: Creative T3250 2.1 Speaker System
Manufacturer: Creative
Street Price: UK: £59.99 US: $69.99

If your PC is housed on a small yet convenient computer desk, your choices for desktop speakers may feel restricted due to the space available to you; especially when you get an idea of how large some 2.1 speaker systems can be. Those who use their PC daily for various purposes, yet are in this position, may not want to compromise on the loss of that 'big sound' often provided by a subwoofer.

This is where the Creative T3250 comes in. Utilising various technologies in the satellites such as DSE (Dual Slot Enclosure) to improve mid-bass and frequency distribution, and IFP (Image Focusing Plate) to give a wider 'sweet spot' in regards to tonal accuracy, you could say that Creative have set out to create a compact system specifically capable in delivering big sounds. The down firing subwoofer has a footprint of just 184 x 184mm and compliments the satellites with the deep bass that many enjoy from their games, movies and music. For the cherry on top, Creative have included Bluetooth connectivity to allow users that extra flexibility.

Overview by Creative
The Creative T3250 Wireless features Bluetooth® capabilities to stream music wirelessly from most stereo Bluetooth devices. Built to deliver impressive sound performance, it features Creative IFP for a wider acoustic sweet spot with improved sonic directivity, Creative DSE for louder playback with more mid-bass, and a custom-tuned down-firing subwoofer for punchy bass reproduction. It also comes with an audio control pod for ease of usage.

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