Creative Sound Blaster Tactic3D Rage USB V2.0 Review

👤by Tony Le Bourne Comments 📅04-02-15
Software & Lighting

The software GUI is easy to navigate with its blades style browsing and comes packed with control features including the SBX features, scout mode, equaliser, voiceFX and the SB prism feature. During our testing, we always judge a product without any audio enhancements enabled, though we do test to see if it can be improved to provide further information about the product as a whole. During this testing, we encountered a problem with the software where any changes to the audio enhancement features in the SBX, equaliser or Voice FX settings resulted in zero change. At first I assumed it could be an audio driver clash with my sound card, and so I uninstalled it and tried again; no luck. I then installed the latest firmware and reinstalled all drivers but this again resulted in the same problem where Windows would report a problem and disable the audio enhancements. This is shame and it could be for various reasons on my particular setup which has various audio drivers installed which could be causing a clash.

Regardless, the SB Prism feature worked perfectly and I could customise the LED colour and speed which it pulses at. There is also a sweet 'pulsate with tune' feature where the LED would flash along with whatever you are listening to at the same time. The effect which the LED covers cause creates quite a sweet look too. Below is a short demonstration of the colour cycle with the pulse disabled allowing you to see all the colour variations.

Scrolling through colours

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