Crucial Ballistix Sport 16GB DDR4 Review

👤by Richard Weatherstone Comments 📅25-10-14
First Look

the packaging of the Ballistix Sport is basic. Just a blister pack and a cardboard insert separate the modules from the outside world however, this is par for the course where memory modules are concerned but nonetheless, we would have preferred to see a little more luxury as far as the packaging goes. We were disappointed that Crucial did not advertise the latency of the modules on the packaging, just the bandwidth which for our kit stands at 2400MHz.

The modules themselves look very neat yet much more compact than we are used to. While we are not massive fans of oversized heatsinks we do like a little bit of extra cooling on the memory. Crucial provide this with just a sliver of aluminium but will this be enough?

The front of the modules feature the aforementioned heatspreader complete with chromed inserts that frame the Ballistix logo. Certainly less brash than we are used to for a Ballistix kit but we feel this is a good thing.

The rear of each module is a mirror of the front side but has two additional stickers, one showing hte serial number of the product and the other displaying those all important timings and voltage.

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