Crucial Ballistix Sport LT 16GB DDR4 Review

👤by Richard Weatherstone Comments 📅18-04-15
First Look

The modules look fairly inconspicuous yet very tidy with matching gun metal grey heatspreaders and 'Camo' sticker inserts contrasting against the black PCB. Standing just 32mm high they should be easily accommodated with all modern oversized heatspreaders. We liked the louvres which will assist in heat dissipation and enhance the aesthetics.

To the rear of the modules we find two additional stickers which gives us the basic specifications such as vDIMM, bandwidth and the primary timings. The kits have XMP profiling built in which you will need to set to get the advertised timings and bandwidth to latch. The other sticker to the left contains a couple of bar codes and serial number, presumably required for warranty purposes and to determine the batch code.

The main difference between this kit and the standard kit is the digital Camo. While this is all good and well, we would have instead preferred a different colour heatsink to differentiate between this and the standard sport kit as at first glance, the two kits look identical both in terms of specification and looks.

Overall, we liked the look of the kit but as stated, there isn't a lot to choose between this and the older Sport kit and certainly not enough difference to warrant and upgrade should you already have the older kit.

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